I absolutely LOVE Evolve! I joined initially for 6 weeks hoping to lose the winter weight I had gained and planning to go right back to my old "classic" gym and semi healthy eating once it was over. But within a few weeks I knew I would never leave. The trainers are amazing, always pushing me to give it my all every day even when I don't feel like moving. The workouts change every day and are only around a half hour, so I never get bored. However, the most important part of Evolve to me is the comrade. In that initial 6 week period I lost 18 pounds. In. 6. Weeks.  It's truly not about what was lost though because I gained so much more!  Evolve is my fitfam!

Holly Barksdale

When I started training at Evolve, I went into the experience wanting to lose weight and gain some self-esteem back. Little did I know how superficial that goal was. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained a deeper insight on how and what types of foods should be used a fuel for my body, how to push myself mentally and physically through vigorous and effective 35 minute workouts and with the support of an educated and enthusiastic team. I say my goal was superficial because I did not realize how much more joining Evolve was going to give to me. It not only assisted me in losing 19 inches over-all and 14 lbs in less than 6 weeks, but they instilled in me the drive to keep pushing myself by setting goals and conquering them. It Isn't a Destination, but A Continuous Journey!
Angela Chasensky

I heard of Evolve from my best friend who begged me to try the LBD challenge with her and I was hesitant to say yes. I am one of those people that joins a gym goes for a week and cancels membership after a couple months of not going.  Going to larger gyms has always been a struggle for me because I constantly felt out of place, intimidated and judged. I also dreaded going to larger gyms because of my lack of confidence in myself that I was actually doing things the right way and not looking like an idiot. I have not once felt that way at Evolve.  Right when I walk through the door I am welcomed by one of the trainers and I immediately feel at home.  I had never looked forward to working out before Evolve.  Probably my favorite thing about Evolve is the trainer’s willingness to help you achieve your goals in any way possible whether it is going grocery shopping with you to insure you are making good food choices or helping you finish your burpees by doing them right beside you.  Since joining Evolve going to the gym is a part of my life, it's the one thing that I look forward to at the end of each day.  Evolve is not just a gym it's a life changing group.  It's a place to go not only to lose weight and gain muscle it's a place to lose doubt and gain confidence.  There is no way I can express my gratitude to evolve and how it has changed me other than to keep progressing.  Thank you to EVERYONE at Evolve for helping me believe in myself again!  

Courtney White