At Evolve Fitness Training, each and every workout is personalized to meet your specific goals and needs.  We will keep you motivated by making your workouts challenging, engaging and fun.  Being hands-on with you will undoubtedly keep your form precise and make sure you are feeling the mind-muscle connection.   In addition, your nutrition consultations are also personalized to your lifestyle and dietary needs.  They will conveniently be incorporated into your program.  Be prepared to have your trainer ask you what you have been eating at the start of each and every session and/or keep a food journal!  This helps you reach your goals and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Evolve Fitness Training Packages - Evolve offers a variety of packages to choose from,  Committing to a larger personal training program will have it s ddvantages.  The session price will lower by purchasing a larger personal training program, and you will also be dedicating yourself to a longer persona of time which in turn will produce greater results.  Depending on the number of times you choose to train per week will determine how long your package will last.

One-on-One Training - During your initial consultation you and your trainer will sit down and discuss your medical history, current and future goals, current workout regimen, and nutritional habits, followed by any other questions or concerns you may have.  The complimentary session follows the consultation, which is an opportunity for hte trainer to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.  This fitness assessment is a great tool for both you and you trainer to determine your current level of fitness.  an inidividualized fitness plan, based on the goals set and the leverl you are at, will then be created by your trainer.  This plan will include number os sessions per week, duration, and what type of training will be best suited tfor you.  One-on-one training is great because your trainer will continuously be providing individual feedback throughout the sessions to ensure you are getting results.  Holding you accountable for putting i the hard work and attending all sessions will also be an important component to one-on-one training.  During our sessions you will always be kept in the "spotlight!"  What is the "spotlight" you ask?  Spotlighting is our way of ensuring that your, the cilent, remain as the number one focus throughout the workout.  Your goals, needs, and safety are our top priorities.

Evolution Fit Camp - The benefits of group personal training emcompasses both your emotional and physical health in addition to your financial needs.  Group personal training provides an additional support system consisting of your closest friends and/or family members.  They will not only motivate you but you can return the favor by being a motivator to them.  It is always comforting to have that friendly nudge to push you further through your exercise programs.  Seeing the other people in your personal training group performing the suggested exercise, you will realize that it is not as impossible as you first imaged.  Realizing that if they can do it, you can too, and that will boost your confidence and your abilities.  Group training can also create a little friendly competition, by allowing you to measue your progress against the progress being made by the other members.  Your personal trainer will be looking at the group's progress, among other factors, to help in evaluating your individual progress.  Keep in mind personal tailoring may be made to your group routines depending on individual progress