Q & A

As personal trainers we get asked questions everyday.  Here are some answers to our most common questions about fitness, personal training, and stuff......

  • Will lifting weights make me huge?
    No. Women do not have enough testosterone naturally to obtain the musculature a man might have. While lifting weights does support muscle gain you will in turn look leaner as you burn body fat along the way. Just remember the more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. That’s a win win!

  • Why do you recommend protein shakes and bars? Won’t that make me huge?
    No. At Evolve we recommend including protein shakes and certain protein bars in your daily nutrition for a few reasons. The primary being, those items are what we would consider “clean” convenience items. The number one reason we hear why someone fell off their nutrition plan is because of time. They didn’t have time to get their meal in, or cook, or there was a quicker option. Protein shakes and bars allow you to get some nutrient dense calories In for a snack or meal replacement rather than grabbing a bag of potato chips or that snickers bar.

  • What do you mean “clean eating”?
    At Evolve we promote a clean eating lifestyle. We know that there are many “diets” out there with means for losing weight but we aren’t concerned with short term goals. We are looking to help the client that is looking for a lifestyle change. We will teach you what your body really craves for energy, fat loss, and muscle gain. Your viewpoint will evolve as you begin to view food as fuel. You will learn to eat to live rather than living to eat.

  • How do you determine which program is right for me?
    During your initial consult with your trainer you will discuss your schedule, budget, goals, previous training regiments, and ideal timeframe. From there, you and your trainer will determine if one on one or group training is a better fit for you.

  • I want to do FitCamp but I’m in terrible shape, will it be too hard for me?
    You have to start somewhere so be proud of yourself for even making the commitment! The great thing about us at Evolve is we can make modifications for any and everyone. Whether the exercise is too easy, too hard, if you cannot do something at all, we can modify it for you so you can continue without feeling embarrassed or like you didn’t complete the workout.