​​I started EVOLVING with Chris Hallam in February 2011. At that time I was 225 pounds and 28% body fat. My idea of eating healthy was boneless chicken wings and a BudLlight. I mean after all it is called “light” so it couldn’t do that much harm. Because of Chris’ knowledge and expertise I am now down to 187 pounds and 18% body fat. He not only showed me the ropes when we first started out, he explained the nutrition aspect of working out as well. Teaching me what to eat and what not to. 

After dropping some weight, becoming healthier and having a passion for helping people, I approached Chris about becoming a coach at EVOLVE! He said ABSOLUTELY! Shortly after that I studied through AFAA and received my Personal Training and YOGA Certifications.  I am currently coaching multiple FITcamp classes and changing lives everyday. I strongly encourage everyone to give Evolve Fitness a try. It will change your life forever. ​​

-Chris May